81g SmartSource™ Flexible Resourcing

81g’s SmartSource™ IT resource solution is the perfect answer for today’s ever-changing business requirements. Today’s demands and dynamics of business operations have put a huge demand on organisations to find agile flexible, skilled alternatives to permanent headcount hire.

SME’s in particular find it a real challenge in finding, and retaining skilled, experienced and well-trained professionals for short or medium burst demands of time.

81g’s SmartSourcing is essentially an arrangement that allows organisations to pick and blend highly skilled IT resources either on site, offsite, for as little, or as often as required.

We prove over and over again that managed services customers consistently benefit from increased agility, and cost-savings of up to 40% in permanent employee-related expense, such as management overhead, training and development, pastoral care, healthcare, pension, Insurance and other staff related expenses.

SmartSource™ Resourcing. The Right People. The Right Skills. At The Right Time.


The 81g term SmartSource™ refers to temporary employment of professional, or a team of people, on a fixed term contract basis, to perform a set of clearly defined responsibilities in accordance with your organisation’s requirements.

81g’s Smartsourcing differs from its traditional award winning managed service provision whereby the resource blends into your existing workforce, complementing the internal team; ultimately assisting to help achieve specific strategic or tactical goals of the organisation.

81g understand organisations are often confronted with two major challenges.

Headcount Control

To keep headcount under control without management overhead and administration costs.


Proactive strategies

To adopt efficient, proactive strategies for maximising productivity.


All of which have an output of achieving more for less, when required in a utilitarian type way.

81g’s Smartsourcing examples unlock the provision and potential for:

  • Fast, reliable and strategic pool of specialist staff
  • Holiday, absent leave (maternity or long-term sickness)
  • Business demand cover
  • Ring-fenced specific project delivery
  • complete skilled support teams
  • Smartsourcing Benefits include:
  • 81g Enables quick and successful completion of one-off, large, short-term or urgent projects.
  • Removes the burden associated with recruitment
  • No impact on your permanent headcount
  • Turns fixed costs into variable costs
  • Facilitates optimal utilisation of resources
  • Removal of liabilities associated with employing temporary workers
  • Flexibility to rotate sills levels at short notice
  • Provides access to fresh insights, innovative ideas and independent thinking.

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